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  • The Safe Place Company

    Technology safely protects indoor and outdoor spaces as well as everyday living process and items from harmful microorganisms.

  • The Safe Place Company

    Protecting hospitals and healthcare facilities from pathogens and infections.

  • The Safe Place Company

    Facilities Management
    Keeping our work, play, and learning environments clean and safe to use providing your employees and families peace of mind.

  • The Safe Place Company

    Food & Dining
    Safely cleaning and protecting our food, beverage, and dining facilities from harmful pathogens.

  • The Safe Place Company

    Clothing & Apparel
    Prontech powered apparel automatically destroys pathogen molecules, all bacteria, all germs, all fungus and all viruses on contact.

  • The Safe Place Company

    Public Health & Food Supply
    Prontech prevents the transmission of dangerous pathogens such as E-coli, salmonella, MRSA, listeria by integrating with existing cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection protocols.

  • The Safe Place Company

    Manufacturing & Packaging
    Specializes in customizing formulas and solutions to be embedded in your existing manufacturing and packaging processes.

The Safe Place Company is committed to improve the environmental quality across all environments and in order to help people and industry prevent the spread of diseases, therefore decreasing the potential spread throughout the world.

The Safe Place Company Products


An all-purpose antimicrobial disinfectant for all surfaces and spaces to treat and eliminate contamination in private and public areas. Eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable


Hand Sanitizer formulated with the PronTech non-alcohol-based Technology that kills on contact and provides several hours protection


EPA-approved and Patented Sanitizer actively kills pathogens for up to six hours after application with zero harmful effects on PEOPLE, PETS, - or the environment.


We offer products and services that set the "safe place standard” for pathogen free personal, business, hospitality, healthcare facilities, public areas and transportation environments